Buy/Sell Rules of Thumb

Aug 16, 2018

A bird’s eye view of how we coordinate a purchase and sale for our clients who are moving from one home to another…so that they get maximum market value for their current home, and have all the time they need to find what they want without pressure.


1. Change your attitude

2. When they say they can’t find what they want – They won’t know what they want until their home is on the market – Psychology 101

3. If you buy first we can’t protect you from owning two homes and paying two mortgages

4. If I could find you a buyer who would pay you what you want, and let you move when you want, would you consider . . . ?

5. What would a buyer have to offer you to consider moving twice?

6. Reassure that we can protect them from being homeless. No Seller in the history of real estate was ever forced into homelessness.

7. List it contingent on finding suitable housing

8. Why would you want to be the least competitive buyer in a multiple offer market?

9. I’m not saying you're doing anything wrong. I’m just a little surprised you're doing things in reverse. May I explain what I mean?

10. This is the market we are in. Adjust to it.

11. If we do things the way you are suggesting, you pay more for what you buy and have to take less for what you sell. If we do it my way, you have all the time you need to find what you want without pressure AND you only have to move once AND you get to keep the extra money, but only if . . .

12. Extend the closing date (negotiable, possibly sooner) OR negotiate possession after closing AND let me coordinate.


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