Check Up From the Neck Up

Aug 23, 2013

A Lesson Learned From Zig... by Floyd Wickman

We lovingly refer to our Summer and Winter Forums as our time to come together and do a 'check up from the neck up.'  And as we head into a busy, sometimes chaotic time of year -- if you HAVEN'T taken a little time to take a look at your attitudes, mindsets, there's no time like the present.

There's no shortage out there of naysayers.   Heck, five minutes with the evening news is sometimes enough to make even the most enlightened want to hide under a blanket until the world makes more sense.  But the truth is, that we can create our own good fortune, joy, health, wealth and prosperity by steering clear of all of the negative thoughts and insecurities that so easily can make their way into our brains.

Zig called that 'stinkin thinkin' and a 'hardening of the ATTITUDES.'  He was right of course.  And keep in mind, that kind of thinking and talk doesn't always come from OUTSIDE sources.  Sometimes the person most bent on derailing the success train is ourselves.

What stinkin thinkin do you need to shed in order to be your best self?  Any 'friends' who aren't really friends at all but anchors weighing you down that probably would be good to walk away from?  Any habits that seriously need to be kicked?  The most successful people among us don't wait to do their 'check up' once a year or once a quarter- they have a good long talk with the person in the mirror weekly and sometimes daily.  Break out those affirmations friends and keep in the positive.  The world has enough negativity.  We don't need to add to the 'soup'!

I'd love to hear your favorite affirmation or process for staying positive!  Visit us on Facebook and share with the class!  


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