Insane Courage

courage motivation professional speaking selling skills workshop Feb 03, 2022


"Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage; just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery; and I promise you something grreat will come of it."

-Matt Damon in We Bought A Zoo


Imagine delivering your listing presentation to a jury of your peers who critique your every word, gesture, facial expression, voice inflection and visual aid. Now imagine doing that voluntarily!


That's exactly what happened this week at our Listing Presentation Workshop in Naples, Florida. Mary and I hosted 50 of our favorite people for two solid days of work and workshopping on the listing presentation.


We had every level of experience and production from new agents to veteran mega-producers. It was a life-changing learning experience for all of us. (Here is a link to some video testimonials.)


Why would big producers and brand-new agents alike put themselves through this ordeal? Jim Galligan might have said it best, "Never stop sharpening your ax!" And Floyd taught us, "School is never out for the pro."


Come to think of it, every agent receives a critique on their performance on every listing appointment, don't they? They get it from the Sellers. It might not come in the form of a grade or score on voice inflection, facial expression and visuals, It comes in the form of a yes or no decision. All the participants in our workshop understand that getting to yes more often takes preparation and practice.


I recently saw a tribute to the great ring announcer Michael Buffer, famous for his signature line, "Let's get ready to rumble!" Here is a man who made a career out of five words. It's not a legitimate heavyweight championship of the world bout until you hear, "Let's get ready to rumble!" But Michael Buffer's fame didn't come because of the words.


It's all in the delivery.


What does it take to get through two solid days or workshopping dialogue with your peers critiquing you? A strong desire to improve, and about 20 seconds of insane courage.


Here are the Top 10 Listing Presentations as critiqued and scored by their peers:


  1. Mary Anne Fusco


  1. Estelle Weingarden


  1. Patrice Kennedy


3 way tie


5-6-7. Michelle Rizzo


5-6-7. Kevin Loper


5-6-7. Char Evans-King


  1. Erica Davies


  1. Julie Carter


  1. Theresa Barton


And the Academy Award with the only perfect score …


  1. Jim Galligan!


Congratulations and well done to one and all who attended, participated and shared so generously and fearlessly!



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