Create a Prospecting Routine to Build Momentum

Jan 03, 2019

Is there a secret to generating an abundance of leads without having to pay for them? There is, but don’t overlook the two advantages of buying leads. Zero time and zero effort. And there may even be a third – you don’t have to call anybody.


The savings in time and effort may outweigh the expense of buying leads. Do your research first. Monitor conversion rates, quality of leads and return on investment.


On the other hand, if it doesn’t make sense to pay for something you can do for yourself, a prospecting routine will become the foundation of momentum. For many of the best producers I know it is the secret of their success. Routine.


Just in case you (or someone you know) has not established a prospecting routine, here are 5 simple steps that work. Follow these steps and once they become consistent and habitual, feel free to fine tune.


Step 1  Make an appointment

Treat prospecting the same way you would treat a listing appointment, or a showing appointment, or a dentist appointment. Put it in your SMART Week. If you are using the 5-90-10 system, block out your prospecting times with your prospecting partner or partners.


Step 2  Prepare your list and your approach

The approach you use will be determined by who you are calling. The words you use will be different for a FSBO than for an expired, than for a just sold, than for an open house invitation, etc. The formula or steps of an approach are always the same: Identify, Introduce, Ask, Reason, Ask again. 


Step 3  First call, worst call

Before you dial the first number, look over your list and start with the one call that you least want to make. You know who it is instinctively. It’s that name that gives your stomach a little flutter. Once you get that one over with, every call becomes easier, and you open the pathway to momentum.


Step 4  Protect your attention

It is now a proven scientific fact that we are much, much, much less effective when multi-tasking than we think we are. When you make calls, don’t take calls. If you are using the same phone to do both, pre-program a text message to incoming calls that says you will return their call after your current appointment. Close the door. Turn off the screens. 40% of the success or failure of a prospecting session is determined by controlling your environment.


Step 5  Show up for the appointment

Show up early. By the way, if your partner doesn’t show up, rule of thumb, get a better partner. And be a good partner. Why not develop the reputation of always doing what you say you will do?


Once your list is compiled and your approach is set, all you have to do is dial. Don’t think, don’t judge, don’t pause between calls. Just dial. Don’t worry about how many conversations you have, or how many leads you generate. Just dial the numbers and let nature take its course. Auto-dialers take a lot of the legwork and second guessing out of the equation, so consider investing in one.


I also recommend you print this saying and post it conspicuously: 


It’s not the calls you make. It’s that you make the calls.


Please feel free to reach out to any one of us on The Floyd Wickman Team for help in finding a reliable 5-90-10 partner, or creating a routine, or getting back on track when the going gets tough.


Here’s to Momentum!

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