Creating a Routine During This Pandemic

Apr 22, 2020

What’s yours?

Sometime we think of Routine as a “bad” word.

After all, variety is one of the benefits of a career in real estate.  We love that every day is different.  Yet, during a pandemic, that variety demands that we build a routine into our day or suffer an incalculable loss of income.


Here are 5 quick steps:

1. Set your alarm in the morning. Treat each day as if you were going into work. Maybe you don't need to get up quite as early as you would have previously, but get yourself out of bed. Be consistent with your wake-up.

2. Change out of your pajamas...or at least shower before you put comfy clothes on for the day. Get yourself ready...again, just as if you were heading out the door.

3. Start with gratitude.  Then, write out your Top 5 List for the day.  Ask, “What are the five most important money-making things I will do today?”  Number them in order of importance.  Then take action. If you need accountability, share them with us below in the comments.


4. Schedule breaks throughout the day. If you are sheltering with family or loved ones, this means you have responsibilities to others – whether it’s home-schooling, meal preparation, etc.  Be sure to schedule in time to meet those commitments and still get outside to move your body and get fresh air. 

5. Pay attention to what works for you in terms of how your day flows. Then, settle into a rhythm with that new routine. 


Victor Frankl, a WW2 survivor once said, "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." 


What’s your routine?

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