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Nov 08, 2012

Calculating Success... by Speaker, Trainer and Coach Floyd Wickman

As salespeople we usually have a healthy combination of logic and emotion. The logic part of ourselves helps us to be smarter business professionals.  The emotion part allows us to show and share empathy which allows us to better connect with our clients, customers and colleagues.  When people ask me what it takes to succeed - I could literally sit and speak with them for hours.  There are so many components to making your way in today's world, in challenging and changing markets and in what more often than not feels like a 24/7 dash.

But here's what I know.  Some of the best people in our business start and finish their day with some pretty basic math.  And that is...

+ Positives -  Negatives x Efforts ÷ Time = Success You Desire

When we add up all the positives, subtract the negatives, multiply our efforts and divide our time into healthy, balanced blocks - we can achieve great things without compromising our family time, our joy or our integrity.

As for the positives, there are always blessings to count.  I always advocate starting and finishing your day with positive affirmations.  Fueling your mind with the right messages to carry you through whatever the world wants to throw at you.  One that took me from some of my lowest lows to a career that I love is this:  "I will always be guided to do and say the things that contribute to my success. Anything that happens— happens in my best interest."  It's a great reminder to keep the faith and not get sidetracked with self-doubt.

Negatives?  They are everywhere no doubt.  You've got Negative Neds and Debbie Downers galore in today's world.  Honestly?  It's up to YOU to control who and what you allow into your life, your home and your career.  Leave the naysayers behind and focus on the CANS not the CAN'TS.  Those coulda, shoulda, woulda's have no business in a successful person's life.

Multiply your EFFORTS.  You can't move ahead if you at first don't MOVE.  Success doesn't drop in anyone's lap - it is a combination of effort and ACTION.  Take a good, long look at your daily activities.  If you're not getting the results you want - step up your game.  Multiply your efforts.  Work smarter and not  harder by having a mentor or a coach help you see where you are off track and put you on a path that will help you to stay ON TRACK.

Time is life.  Another favorite saying of mine.  As human beings we can only live out of balance for so long.  Make sure you are working your SMART weeks - and if you're not sure what that is - contact one of our trainers or call us to find out when we're training in your area.  Your level of success will be in direct proportion to how you manage your activities each day -- every day.  Not all work and no play.  Not all play and no work.  Not just being 'busy.'  There are true formulas for success as salespeople and we're happy to teach them!

I've been blessed in my life to have known, trained, coached, connected with and call friends -- some amazing sales professionals.  From all different industries, geography and walks of life.  And they too will tell you - do the math.  Daily.  The results?  Will make all the difference!


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