Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Feb 28, 2018

Countless ‘innovations’ have been introduced into the traditional real estate brokerage model, from franchising to 100% commission to cloud-based on-line brokerage to desk fees to, well, the list is pretty much endless. Some have stayed longer than others, and some have had their day and faded. The choices an agent has today of what brand or model they want to work under run the entire spectrum, and having more choices almost always beats having just one. In real estate, one size rarely fits all.

On our coaching calls, the question about what company to work for comes up regularly. “Do I stay here or do I go over there?” Wickman trained agents are highly sought after in the real estate industry, and they are regularly head-hunted. It’s flattering to be courted, to be valued, to even have a signing bonus check waved at you. It’s also distracting. It can get you ‘up on the fence,’ trying to decide. 

Floyd says this about it, 

What happens when you are up on the fence? NOTHING!” And then he always adds, “It’s less important what you decide than it is that you decide.”

Being in a state of indecision is the least productive state to be in.

That doesn’t mean saying NO to every opportunity, or turning a deaf ear to every value proposition. We are all free agents as independent contractors, and reevaluating your business is healthy. But too much of anything isn’t healthy. Don't let a period of reevaluation consume your life, business, or ability to think clearly.

There’s always a better deal out there, until the moment you stop looking. One of the best pieces of career advice I ever heard was, “Do the best you can with the opportunity you have right where you are right now.”

The more productive you become, the more offers you will get. So don’t let offers get you off track from listing and selling. Make this year the year you settle in where you are, and have the best year you ever had. Free from indecision. Free from second-guessing. Most importantly, free from distractions.



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