Don't Get Sidetracked...

Apr 17, 2014

By People Who are OFF Track by Hall of Fame Speaker, Trainer, and Coach Floyd Wickman

If there is one thing you can be certain of, there will always, always be people that are eager to throw others OFF track. Especially if those folks are racing towards their goals, focused and committed.  Why?  Human nature.  For some people, success is just out of their comfort zone.  For others, they are just not willing to do what it takes to get to the end result they think they want.  And it's just easier for them if everyone else conforms to that same lack of enthusiasm and mediocrity.  So they'll plant seeds of doubt.  They'll sabotage, sometimes in subtle ways -- sometimes overtly.  They'll rain on as many parades as possible to make themselves blend in to the 'norm'.

But here's the get to CHOOSE each day which voices to listen to.  Which examples to follow.  Which actions to take.  Don't get sidetracked by the folks that are off track. When you have a goal so big, so important, that you've given it a deadline, written it down, created a visual for it, shared it with others and committed to getting there -- don't let another soul steer you off course.  What they do or say or think has no relevance to your success, your family's dreams, or your bottom line.  You get to look in the mirror each day and commit to the job at hand.  And in that?  You get the honor of making those goals come true.

And in doing THAT?  You can set an example for colleagues who have those same set of naysayers doubting their dreams.  Show them that staying on track is worth the work. Show them that committing to goals,  putting your best foot forward each day, and working smarter and harder is the course that works.  Show them that practicing skills, developing systems, nurturing relationships, and constantly learning means the track that you are on only gets easier, and stronger with time.

And in doing THAT?  You'll prove to be a salesperson who raises the bar for everyone in their industry.  One who gets where they want to go with integrity and pride at a job well done and a path well taken.  That's a feeling no one can take away from you -- ever.

So, if you haven't already.  Find your track and stay on it.  And if you need help?  Contact us today at 800-910-5351 to schedule a training course for your organization.  And if you need a refresher? Don’t miss the Summer Forum that’s coming up fast!  There’s really nothing quite like it!  Click here to learn more!  

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