Every 90 Days

Jul 21, 2016

A Floyd Wickman blog, by Mike Pallin What happens just about every 90 days? Seasons change. Shareholders want a return on their investment. Companies issue an earnings report and a projection. The sharpness around the edges of your mental and emotional focus begin to blur. Your physical and spiritual batteries need a recharge. And your major projects list turns a page.

That’s why Floyd created the Focus Organizer. It’s the perfect “check-up from the neck up” every 90 days, and the perfect pick-me-up to keep you on track.

Let’s look at the ingredients of the Focus Organizer, and what each one can do for you every 90 days.

  • Goal Checklist avoids detours and is a troubleshooting tool when morale or production is slipping. Revisiting this one element of the Focus Organizer is enough by itself every 90 days to insure you stay ‘Wickmanized’ all year. Without it, you can be off track for too long before figuring out what’s missing.
  • Core Values keep you connected to the principles that make decisions simple and easy to make. It’s important to make sure you really are living up to these ideals. Without a moral compass, you are likely to lose your sense of direction.
  • Annual Goal is a reminder of the specific, measurable end result you seek. It’s difficult to hit a target you can’t see, but it’s impossible to hit a target you don’t have.
  • Purpose keeps you mindful of The Big Why behind the annual goal. Purpose keeps the daily grind connected to the highest road with the longest view. Without it, the daily grind is just a grind.
  • SMART Numbers help you anticipate, direct and correct. If you are off track, how will you know? When will you know? You want to know in time to make up the difference. When it’s too late to catch up, that’s when you give up.
  • ROCKS are the quarterly projects that help you identify the steps that lead you closer to your goal. A ROCK is one ingredient of an annual goal, broken down into doable tasks with a short term time limit. Just like the Top 5 Things To Do each day, ROCKS establish your 90 day priorities and are a key to maintaining momentum. Without ROCKS, trying to tackle one great big long range goal can be overwhelming.
  • Skills are the major tie-breaker in the marketplace. Personality, technology and relationships will get you only so far. Selling skills increase your sales ratios. Better results in the same amount of time. Rating your skills takes the guesswork out of how to improve your performance.
  • Strengths To Be Developed are the companion to Skills. Skills without the character to support and reinforce them will be short-lived. Strengths and weaknesses are usually two sides of the same coin. The ratings system helps you capitalize on the benefits of your strengths and minimize the drawbacks of your weaknesses.
  • Goal Thermometer is the essence of how to stay motivated. As you fill in your “reverse” thermometer, you are experiencing measurable progress toward your goal. Seeing is believing! On the Goal Checklist, #10 is Visualize. Seeing the goal in your mind’s eye, and seeing progress toward your goal on this chart refocuses your efforts and prevents procrastination.

Make a date with yourself to review your Focus Organizer every 90 days. Sit down with your family, or your team, or your manager. Or come join us at a Master Sales Society event, and review the Focus Organizer with The Floyd Wickman Team and a whole roomful of Master Salespeople like you.

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