The Six Basic Ingredients of a Healthy Morning Routine

Dec 12, 2019

In addition to working on the numbers and the calendar and the action plan at our recent Business Breakthrough, we examined our morning routine - how we prepare ourselves to work each day. We began with a few questions, what happens between the moment your eyes open and the start of your working day? Is it purposeful? Is it effective in preparing you to work? And is it a consistent routine?


Make a list of everything you do in that critical time between waking and working, and then rate each activity with a plus or minus. The end result you want is to be ready to go to work and be effective, able to stay on task and focused on high priority activities.


In my house, coffee is a first thing in the morning given, and so it is a plus. I say that semi-tongue-in-cheek, but as routines go, morning coffee is soothing, calming and comfortably familiar. I can still remember my mother in the kitchen starting the coffee pot and filling the house with the happy sounds and smells of a percolator.


Then what? Texts, emails, to do list, news, TV, radio, phone calls, social media? No. It's too soon to distract and preoccupy your mind. It's too soon to let the outside world in. All of those things are designed to get you paying attention to somebody else's agenda,


This is a special and fragile time to be safeguarded and protected from outside influence, What's on your mind? What's in your heart? What's important to you today? Who do you want to be today? And, most importantly, who and what is guiding your decisions? A consistent, purposeful morning routine connects you with the answers, and prepares you to meet the workday on your terms.


We identified six basic ingredients of a morning routine. These six ingredients are like a Train-The-Brain recipe. Combine them in the order and amounts that work best for you. Experiment until you find the right mixture and then work on consistency.



The affirmation that "turned it around" for Floyd began with the words, "I will always be guided to do and say the things that contribute to my success." The science of affirmations works best when you are open to receiving guidance. Silence and stillness, quiet mediation and prayerfulness all promote that state where guidance can be received.



The science of mind teaches that our brains do not distinguish between real and imagined experience. Unlike real experience, we have total control over imagined experience, and have been given the faculties to imagine who we want to be, what we want to do and what we want to have. It's true that some things happen randomly or accidentally, but the best in life happens by design.



According to one source document, The Science of Getting Rich, "We cause the things we think about to be created by forming a clear mental picture of the things we want and holding that picture in our minds." Every great achievement of mankind began as a thought in someone's mind. For 40 years, Floyd has had our students carry a full color picture of the things they want with them at all times, and it is nothing short of amazing how often our students end up living in, flying, driving and enjoying their goals. What you see is what you get.



Carl Jung called the sub-conscious mind a "brilliant idiot." It will do whatever we tell it to do. This is the reason why we repeat creeds, beliefs, prayers, chants, oaths, pledges, vows, commitments, core values, mission statements, wishes, hopes, goals and affirmations out loud. They are promises we make to ourselves that create an internal accountability to live up to our word and become the person we aspire to be.



What we put in our minds first thing in the morning is just as important as the fuel we choose to put in our bodies. Nourish the heart. Nourish the spirit. Nourish the soul. Nourish the mind with what you see and hear and read, just as you nourish your body with what you eat and drink.



Gratitude is one of the most powerful, creative forces in the Universe. Expecting to receive gratitude is a recipe for disappointment, but actively expressing gratitude opens the door to abundance, healing, perspective and joy. There is a reason why Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday. There is a reason why hand-written thank you notes are so effective.


I like to finish my morning routine by writing in a journal about the guidance and ideas I have received, and about people and things I am grateful for.


When you have found the recipe that works best for you, find a consistent time and place to practice your routine. Remember Floyd's advice, "You can't fine tune anything until it is first consistent."


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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