Apr 05, 2010

The common characteristics of my Master-Mind/Mentor Group are several. we four have been best buddies for years; all are successful entrepreneurs; all feel the financial and emotional impact of the economy; but, most surprisingly, in a recent conversation, we each admitted and discovered that we all feel the hurt and pain of our 'people' first...and foremost.  

Two questions:  I wonder how many 'people' really feel the hurt of their company owner when the economy is tough?  How likely would it be for a company to succeed during trying times if the 'people felt the pain of the company?

Speaking for leaders like myself, whether they are called employees, independent contractors, staff, partners or associates, if they are within our companies they are 'our people' and we feel a responsibility to make the right decisions.

Because of this, we are always looking for methods and ideas that can help make life and work easier, and more secure, for 'our people'.   We are likened to a general.  A general realizes that if a soldier makes a mistake the soldier the soldier could lose his or her life, the generals mistake could cost many lives and lose the war.  A leader that care also understands and accepts the same impactful responsibility and often anguishes over a decision.

We are likened to a parent.  Parents are never happier than the level of their unhappiest child and want to take the pain away.   Just like many leaders are never happier than the level of any of their unhappiest 'people' and want to take the pain away. 

I'm sure not all business owners are as emotionally attached to their people as the four of us are but I do know that many are.  Because like- minded people tend to be attracted to stick with their own. 

Conclusion:  When the 'company' can feel the pain of the 'people' and want to take the pain away and, when the 'people'  can feel the pain of the 'company' and want to take the pain away the road to success is almost always assured.

Now you know why the Floyd Wickman Team has been around for 35 years.

Love,  Floyd clickhere

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