Find the Greatness Within You

Feb 21, 2011

I believe that EVERYONE has greatness in them.  I truly do.  And I know for a fact that at least ONE of you reading this absolutely has the power to change your life and find that greatness this year--heck, maybe even this month.You know, one of the most powerful moments in my life happened April 16, 1974 when I sat in an audience of 2,300 people and heard J. Douglas Edwards say, “One of you has greatness in you.”  Like a dummy, I thought he was talking to ME!  I did!  I BELIEVED him and I often wonder how many other people that day believed him too.   I wonder how many other people’s lives were changed that day because I know mine sure was.  It was the thing that got me to start seeing that ordinary people really COULD do EXTRAORDINARY things.  I went back to the office and typed up my goals and I took ACTION – and it changed my life. I always tell my audiences, if you’re not getting everything you want out of your life, dig down deep, find what I know is there, let go of the past and move forward.   The trick is to start believing in YOURSELF, just like I do…here’s a few ways to make that a little easier:

  1. Work on the mind daily.  I’m a firm believer in affirmations.  In fact, I’m in love with them and the power they have to change lives and realize dreams.   One of my favorites is one that was taught to me a very long time ago when I was struggling to make it.  It was "I will always be guided to do and say the things that lead to my success.  Everything that happens--happens in my best interest."  I’ll never forget it – and I still use it.  Give your mind good stuff to work on every day and every night.  It’ll help you make the most of everything that happens in between!
  2. Stay away from negative people.  In fact, a couple years ago I started what I called a “Positive Club” among my friends, clients, students and audience members.  There was so much grumbling and negative stuff in the news, in the paper and just coming at people from all angles.  There’s enough of that in the world.  If you want to move forward and give that greatness a chance to thrive – surround yourself with positive people, positive influences and pro-active practices.  Don’t give the negative sources any part of you to feed off of.
  3. Work together.  I’ll tell you a little story.  In my house, in the room that’s Linda’s and my favorite where we sit and look out over the water we have a little $3 statue that we bought something like forty years ago.   It’s just a little rubber statue of a man and a woman and the plaque on it reads, “Together we can do anything.”  It’s probably the cheapest thing we have but we wouldn’t get rid of it for all the money in the world.  It reminds us (and has for 40+ years) that as long as we have each other we really can do anything.  I’ll say the same thing to you.  There’s going to be times when YOU might not have it all together, but if you’ve got a good group of people around you-- family, friends, colleagues, mentors – TOGETHER – you can do it all.

So, I challenge you to BE THE ONE in the “audience.”  Believe that there’s greatness within you and start setting your world, your goals, and your ideas on fire.  The world needs more greatness.  It needs you.  Have a great week!



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