Finish The Year

Dec 06, 2018

Great painters, sculptors, composers, film directors, dancers, and architects all seem to agree that it is difficult to finish a work of art - that it is never really finished. But there comes a time when, finished or not, you as the artist have to let it go. You have to let go of the past to make room for whatever is next. Letting go of something you have worked on and invested blood, sweat and tears in is necessary to avoid becoming stuck.



As salespeople, we sometimes wallow in the misery of adversities, or bask in the glow of triumphs past their sell-by date. Artists and salespeople have that in common. Until we learn from success or failure, it’s difficult to let go – and until we let go, it’s impossible to go on.


We are just a handful of weeks away from the end of the year. Here’s how to really enjoy the holidays and guilt-free time off by finishing this year, letting it go and setting the table for next year.


First, fly up in the air and take a bird’s eye view of this year so far. What were your goals, hopes, dreams, expectations, wishes and desires on January 1, and where are you now? How did you get here? What have you learned this year?


Then, take out the calendar and count up the remaining days until December 31st, and 
circle those days you are going to work, and how many hours you will put in on each of those work days. What do you have to accomplish in those days and hours by December 31stto be able to look back and be satisfied?


Wipe the slate clean. Give yourself a fresh start. Make today Day One of Finishing The Year. “Learn from it, let go, and go on.”


Next, contact everyone who put you off this year and ask a magic question (thanks to Chris Voss, author of Never Split The Difference), “Have you given up on finding a home this year?” Or, “Have you given up on selling your home this year?”


If your prospect says yes, they have given up, set up a date for starting over next year. If they say no, they haven’t given up, ask if they will meet with you now to strategize timing.


Floyd says if psychiatrists could diagram the cause of nervous breakdowns it would look like a whole bunch of incomplete circles. Too many prospect possibilities for next year can make you a ‘prisoner of hope.’ They are an illusion. Get a date for now, or a date for next year, or an opt-out, and clear the decks!


By re-qualifying all those leftover leads, you will get booked for some now appointments, you will get booked for some January appointments, and you will make room for your next work of art. That’s how to enjoy the Holidays and start the new year with momentum.


 The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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