Floyd Wickman’s Summer FORUM Fun & Facts….

Jun 13, 2012

An Inside Scoop From Floyd Wickman Team President Mike Pallin With the Summer FORUM fast approaching, we thought it would be informative to connect with company President Mike Pallin to answer the top questions folks have been asking.

Q:  Mike, the Summer Forum is coming up quick!  Can you tell us a little more about what the Forum is and why it's such a success 'staple' for so many agents? 

A:  Sure!  When someone graduates from the Floyd Wickman Program they have an opportunity to qualify to become a member of the Master Sales Society or a Master Salesperson.  This is a designation that is earned and grown into through continuing education and a continued connection with Floyd, the Core Values and other members of the Master Sales Society. In its simplest form, becoming a Master Salesperson is what the FORUM is all about.

We meet twice a year for a full weekend of motivation, inspiration, education, networking, idea sharing, problem solving and fun!   It also includes, of course, the chance to work up close and personal with Floyd.  It is quite simply one of the most powerful Master Mind groups ever gathered.

Make no mistake – the FORUM is NOT a reunion.  (Reunions are just people looking back and reminiscing about the good old days.)  The FORUM is about today, right now, looking forward and working toward a specific, measurable, attainable production goal.

The FORUM has become a staple of success for many because there is nowhere else you can go to tap directly into the source of the material or brainstorm and share with such like-minded people. Our people know that nothing lasts forever, not the good times or the bad, and certainly not inspiration and motivation. Hard work is a prerequisite for success. So is SMART work. But to stay on top, inspired work is the key. And to be deeply, truly, lastingly inspired you have to get out of your normal environment. You have to leave home for a few days and get away from the routine. There is an excitement and electricity in that room that you just can't find anywhere else.

Q:  Sounds exciting!  Floyd's known for saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get back to the basics."  Do Forum attendees focus on the basics when they're at the event? 

A:  At the FORUM we focus on what's working in the real world and in today's market. If you want to call that the basics, then the answer is yes. Everyone in the room is aware of the basics, because everyone in the room is a graduate of the Floyd Wickman Program.

At the same time, everyone in the room has been applying these powerful Wickman tools in their own individual ways, and finding out how to make them work in any market conditions. You should hear the round table problem solving discussions. They are amazing. Everyone sharing and, as the saying goes, 'helping others help themselves.'

Q:  You've got some exciting new breakouts scheduled for this summer's Forum? 

A:  We do our best to provide current and topical break out session on Friday afternoon before the official FORUM starts on Saturday morning. This summer, we are addressing two very current trends with our Friday break outs, and one special bonus topic.

The first trend is TECHNOLOGY, especially the use of a tablet or iPad in the field, for everything from signatures, to Open House registrations, to listing appointment visual presentations. SO we have NAR certified expert in Tammy Murphy, who will do a hands on tablet workshop.

The second trend is TIME MANAGEMENT.  Everyone is really, really busy. The market has opened up to the point where everyone is busier this year than last year. And that has a lot of our Master Sales Society members looking for ways to capitalize on increased activity without compromising quality of service or reaching overload, by bringing on an assistant - whether that is a virtual assistant, or a shared assistant, or an admin assistant, or a buyer's agent. Our second break out session will focus on how to find, hire, train, manage and compensate an assistant.

And lastly, our Special Break Out Session (from 1 - 3 pm) will have both Floyd and Linda Wickman together at a Master Sales Society event for only the second time in 20 years. They will share the secrets of their 48+ years of marriage that has been the inspiration many, and the source of Floyd's bestselling book, Letters To Linda. Their topic is How To Stay Married And Productive In Real Estate, and this special session will include lunch at the beginning and a Q&A session at the end. What a great way to kick off this Summer's FORUM!

Thanks Mike!  Great information, as always!  To learn more about the upcoming Summer FORUM, click here!  More questions?  Call us at 800-910-5351!

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