Get In The Boat

Sep 27, 2018

And yet, there are people who own a boat and live by the water. The have a rod and reel. The have waders and the hat and the vest with all those neat little pockets. 


And you ask, “How many fish have you caught?


None yet.”


Why not?


I’ve been working on my boat.


I’ve spent hours and hours tying flies.


And I had to arrange them neatly by color in the tackle box.


I went out once but didn’t even get any nibbles.


The fish nibbled but they just ate my bait, so I haven’t been back out.


I got one on the hook but I couldn’t land it, so I haven’t been back out.


I was too busy making sandwiches for everyone else to put my line in.


I landed one once and it flopped all over the boat and made a real mess of things, so I haven’t been back out since.


If you’ve been taught how to fish and you own a boat, live by the water, have a rod and reel and tackle . . .


Get in the boat!


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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