Giving Thanks...

Nov 13, 2013

And 10 Great Reasons to SHARE By Master Trainer and Author Mary Johnson

The holidays approach – and along with the reminder to live each day with gratitude and love – they often seem to conspire to get us off track!

How many times have you heard a Seller or Buyer say, “We’re gonna wait until after the holidays?”  On the radio this morning was an advertisement for Renters’ Warehouse that advocated renting out your house now versus selling it during the winter months when there is “often a 35% drop in sales volume.”  What?  Where did they get that number?  Nome?

The truth is that in most markets there are some darn good reasons for listing and buying residential real estate right now.  It’s up to us to get the word out!

Here are the top ten reasons…feel free to customize and add your thoughts...then share at the bottom of this post.

  1. Inventory is down, which makes it a great time to sell.
  2. Lower inventory over the holidays means your agent has more time to help you.
  3. Relocation generally picks up over the holidays, as people have time off to shop.
  4. Interest rates are low.  Still.  At least for now.  Hurry!
  5. Buyers minimize the chance of competing with multiple offers and getting into a bidding war.
  6. Properties look and smell wonderful during the holidays…they feel like “home.”
  7. The best agents work through the year, and work with the best buyers…that means a transaction is less likely to fall through.
  8. People are more sensitive to scheduling conflicts during the holidays – and are more willing to work around your calendar.
  9. The various people and institutions that are critical to a closing are less busy this time of year, so the transaction should sail more smoothly and efficiently than in the height of a spring market.
  10. When the right property and the right buyer come together, it’s a beautiful thing.  What if waiting causes you to miss out?

Remember, it’s our duty to help our Clients get what they want.  If they want to sell their house or buy a great property, the timing couldn't be better than right now. Let’s get out there and make sure they know it!

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