Gratitude Gives Us Peace

Jul 15, 2020

Have you been feeling a deep sense of peace lately?  If not, maybe this message will help you change your perspective and improve the quality of your daily life.

One of the highlights of my career was writing and publishing the book “Lessons From My Brother Zig” with Floyd Wickman.  For five years, we met every Saturday morning and Floyd would talk about how he applied what he’d learned from his mentor, Zig Ziglar.  One of the most amazing chapters we wrote was about GRATITUDE, which Zig described as “the greatest gift God ever gave us.”

Over the years, Floyd found ways of living the message he’d gotten from Zig.  Here are three quick tips he learned that will help you live in gratitude:

1.  Say “Thank You” a lot.  Social distancing places us six feet apart and we are prone to ignoring one another more than ever now - rather than expressing appreciation for one another.  At the checkout line we hear, “Here you go!” or perhaps nothing at all.  What if we were the customer who said “thank you” with enthusiasm and kindness?    And the same is true at home.  It’s so easy to take the little things for granted.  Say “thank you.”  It brings a smile to those who hear it and say it.  And smiles are a powerful force of good in the world.  

2.  Give the gift of attention.  To succeed in real estate, we’ve learned to multi-task as we rush from one task or appointment to another.  When we hold still, look into someone’s eyes and really listen to what they are saying, it slows us down and that can be frustrating.  Yet that kind of attention allows us to deepen our relationships with those around us.  Practice developing the habit of giving undivided attention.  And what if we developed this talent by paying attention to our neighbors?  Perhaps in our own small way, we could be a force for peace in our communities.  

3.  Forgive.  Carrying around anger and hurt stifles joy.  It prevents us from living life to the fullest.  As Linda Wickman says, “Would you rather be right or be happy?”   Forgiving – even those who don’t deserve it, or haven’t asked for it – cleanses us and opens the gateway to gratitude.  Can you easily discard anger and impatience with the small things?  (Practice that!  It will make it easier to forgive the “big” things). Decide you’ll become a Forgiver. 

Living a grateful life is a choice.  It’s a habit that can be formed.  It means we stop taking our blessings for granted.  It means we live peacefully amidst turmoil. And we need this now, more than ever.  

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