Half-Time Is Over

Jul 10, 2019

Half-Time Is Over


Most people take a 4th of July (or Canada Day) break that coincides with the half way point in the calendar year. A few days off to celebrate family, country and lifestyle. A few days to appreciate the sacrifices of those who serve and protect our freedom.


For entrepreneurs like you, who are self-employed, independent contractors, it's a lot like the half-time break in a football game.


The teams go to their respective locker rooms. Check out their equipment. Attend to their injuries. Hydrate. Look at the score and adjust their game plan for the second half. And then the coach gives a brief motivational talk that sends them back out onto the field with a renewed commitment.


Half-time is over and we are now a little more than half-way through the year. It's time to get back out on the field. While you were on break, did you check out your equipment? That would mean checking things like your tools and systems, your marketing plan, and your listing presentation.


Did you look at the score? That would mean checking your progress toward those goals you set back in November at The Business Breakthrough. Are these goals still important to you? Did you have to make any adjustments? That means looking at your SMART Numbers and their ratios. Are you on track for your income goal? Your closings goal? Your listing inventory goal? Your conversations per week goal?


Getting back on the field with the right attitude is as simple as the Three R's:

  • Review your goals.

  • Renew your commitment.

  • Return to the basics.


I want to let you in on a little secret. Most of your competition is still on break, and some of them will be until after Labor Day. You have WAY LESS competition right now. This is the perfect time to capture market share, especially listing market share.


Half-time is over. Let's get back on the field while the other team is still in the locker room waiting for the second half to start.


Let's Go!

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