Why You Need a Healthy Morning Routine

affirmations inspiration Nov 11, 2021


First thing in the morning. Your eyes open. Maybe you snooze or grab another 40 winks. Wake up. Shuffle to the kitchen. Pour a cup of coffee and take your first sip. Now what?


By the way, have you already checked the phone for texts and messages? Turned on a screen for the news? Started your workday? For most people in real estate, in this 24-7-365 never disconnect or you might lose out market, that's fairly typical.


The experts on attention, focus, peace and happiness, however, will tell you that's no way to start your day. They have a completely different approach, commonly known as a morning routine. They believe that devoting time to meditation-visualization-affirmation and inspiration first thing in the morning, before you start the workday, is a total game changer. Your ability to think clearly, to focus on high priority tasks, and to enjoy the pursuit of happiness throughout the day will improve dramatically.


I couldn't agree more. I used to be showered, shaved, dressed, caffeinated and in the car 17 minutes after the alarm went off. Five days a week, 50 weeks a year for 5 straight years, and it completely burned me out. Then I discovered the joy and peace of a morning routine.


The practice of morning mediation is ancient and well documented in all the world's scriptures. If it seems impractical to you, how practical is burn-out? How useful is high blood pressure? How survivable is traumatic stress disorder? And if it seems impossible, start with small amounts of time, and start when it is possible, as soon as possible after waking up.


The best piece of advice I ever got was to begin meditation by observing my thoughts, sitting quietly, doing nothing. Eventually, it will lead you to add the elements of morning routine that make the biggest difference for you.


Observing your thoughts leads to an enhanced ability to choose and control your thoughts. Controlling your thoughts leads to enhanced imagination and inspiration. Where do you think all those world-changing ideas come from? Not from people in a hurry to check their email.


When you can think what you choose to think, and see what you want in your mind's eye, and experience the words as they spill out of the pen onto the page, up the arm and into the brain, and speak the words out loud into the world – magic and miracles happen. Allow a morning routine to manifest the world of your imagination into the real world you inhabit every day.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin


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