Are We in a Housing Bubble?

demand real estate market Jun 02, 2022

Which of the following three statements do you agree with most?


  1. We are in a housing bubble and there is a significant price adjustment coming in the market.
  2. There is a shift in the market happening right now.
  3. The shift in the market has already taken place.


This is not a trick question, but the answer is all three. The real estate market is always changing, shifting, adjusting, correcting and responding to outside influences.


As Floyd has said many, many times, "The market has a tendency to go up and down, and up and down, and up and down. It has always been that way, and it will always be that way."


By the way, the population of licensed real estate agents has always followed right behind the market as it goes up and down. We have had the hottest market in history for the past few years and membership in N.A.R. is at the highest level ever.


But change is in the wind, and what does that mean for those who want to thrive no matter what the market is doing?


It means you have to look at history and learn from it, so as not to repeat it. It means find and implement a system that has worked in the past, is currently working right now, and will always work regardless of where or when or whatever. It means, in Wickman terms, "Do the work."


By "the work," Floyd means do the assignments. Keep putting yourself through The Program.



Initiate real estate conversations. Generate leads. Convert leads into face-to-face appointments. Deliver persuasive presentations. Handle hesitations. Get signatures. Nurture lifetime client relationships. Run your business like a business.


And then...

Master dialogue selling. Learn the step by step tracks using your own words. Add the ingredients of delivery - voice inflection, facial expression, eye contact and body language. And finally, implement the methods – fear of loss, facts with emotional words, the use of questions and the use of visuals.


Through repetition, you will build your skill. Through discipline, you will create good habits. Through affirmation and visualization, you will develop your character.

And how will you accomplish all this?

You can do it all yourself and at your own pace with The Digital Floyd Wickman Course or consider joining our R Squared Coaching Program for the second half of 2022.

Year to date, those in R Squared Coaching have produced an average of one listing or sale per person per week. For $165 a month, that kind of coaching makes dollars and sense.

If you are a past grad, are you using the tools you learned and were given in the Program? Apply them. Go look through your manual or notes from class. Refresh your memory. 

Our goal is to help you become market-proof. Since the very first Floyd Wickman Program, our #1 goal has been to prove that, "The economy doesn't have to determine your economy." No matter what's coming down the pike, hot market or cold, just do the work and you will be glad you did.

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