How To Beat Procrastination (Part 2)

Oct 02, 2019

WOULD YOU RATHER….Eat a spider, or call a FSBO?

How To Beat Procrastination (Part 2)


The first part of this article was written quickly and easily, based on research I did for an upcoming speech.  I outlined five techniques to help us avoid procrastination.  Then, I procrastinated writing Part 2 of the article for exactly 16 months.  The drive to complete it came when I re-read my earlier research – and applied two of the five techniques I learned, but had not yet written about.


Technique number six: Systems eliminate thought.  When you have a checklist or step-by-step system for any process, you will be more successful at completing the tasks. Instead of trying to convince yourself to take the next step, the “next step” appears as a logical extension of the current one.  And we do love crossing things off our list, don’t we?


Seven:  5/90/10.  If you’re in a Floyd Wickman Program or R Squared Coaching, you’ve learned to do difficult things (like prospecting for new business) by finding a partner to do it at the same time.  Five minutes before your prospecting session begins, you and your partner connect to strategize dialogue and a plan of action.  Then you both prospect for 90 minutes.  It’s easier to do unpleasant tasks when someone you like and respect is counting on you to do it at the same time they are suffering too.  Afterward, spend 10 minutes sharing results.  You can’t tell them you didn’t do what you said you would do, so you’ll have to have made the calls.    One of our best students says, “The secret to my production is having the right 5/90/10 partner!” 


Eight:  Make it a habit.  Why did you brush your teeth this morning?   Because it’s a habit, as is so much of our self-care.  Why not make a habit of doing the tasks you need to do to build your business, too?  Removing the option to knock on FSBO doors or call y Book Of Business helps you get the difficult stuff done.


Nine:  Control your self-talk.  Using affirmations is the only way to beat the negative voices that our subconscious mind habitually loops in.  “No one wants to hear from me” and “I’m just bothering them when I ask for business” are negative thoughts that prevent us for doing what we know we need to do:  talk to people and ask for business.  Instead, talk yourself INTO doing the things that will contribute to your success. Write four affirmations and say them out loud.


Ten:  Maintain perspective.  Floyd Wickman has often said, “Do the things you don’t want to do so that you can do more of the things you want to do.”  The difficult tasks are the ones that feed our business and get results.  It’s so much fun to bring in a saleable new listing!  But we cannot do that until and unless we take action to find the prospective seller in the first place.  Perspective tells us that if we’ll ACT NOW we will have what we want later.  


We achieve our goals and enjoy prosperity only when we first beat procrastination.  So, which of these ten techniques will you use to kick the procrastination habit?

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