How to Develop FSBO Confidence in Six Days

Jul 19, 2020

There are three principles at work in this six day plan for developing all the courage and confidence you will ever need to succeed in real estate.

The first principle is, "Listings are the name of the game." In other words. . . If you list, you last. Inventory level determines income level. If you had all the listings, you would be a party to all of the closings.

The second principle is the primary skill of a successful real estate agent is learning how to talk comfortably with people who are thinking of selling their home.

And the third principle – if you can list a For Sale By Owner, you can do anything in this business.



Day 1 – Drive by a For Sale By Owner

Day 2 – Drive to the same For Sale By Owner but this time stop the car. Gaze longingly.

Day 3 – Drive to, stop the car and this time get out. Gaze longingly.

Day 4 – Drive to, stop the car, get out and walk up to the front door. Run away if anyone comes to the door. Drive away, park and sit in your car and think about what you have just accomplished.

Day 5 – Drive to, stop the car, get out, walk up to the front door and knock (or ring the bell). Run away if anyone answers. Drive away, park and sit in your car and think about what you have just accomplished.

Day 6 – Repeat all of the above steps except this time if anyone answers, say something. Anything. Repeat this procedure until you realize that saying something is better than running away.

Eventually you will get comfortable starting a conversation. You will learn that FSBO's are thinking, feeling human beings and they have hopes, dreams, wishes, goals, fears, concerns, plans and pre-conceived ideas about the value a real estate agent can bring to the transaction.




Skip the first 5 days and contact us. Learn what to say and how to say it from the Duke of Dialogue himself, Floyd Wickman. Let’s create a plan together that best suits your business goals. We have live training, livestream programs, digital courses and training products, and the most effective and affordable customized coaching in the business. We have already laid out everything you need to do (or say) to list For Sale By Owners, and have a long and prosperous real estate career.

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