How To Energize 2021

Dec 09, 2020

Let's say 2020 didn't turn out the way you had hoped or expected or wanted. If you want 2021 to turn out better than 2020, making that kind of change begins with awareness.


Awareness, according to Floyd Wickman, is "something that you know that you know that you know." Awareness is something you don't have to be reminded of or resold on. Don't fight them. You just have to buy in. All the way in.


There are three 'awarenesses' that a supercharged, highly energized 2021 requires. How do I know? That's simple. The people we train and coach who embraced these three principles had a great year this year. That's right, great. As in, their best year ever. Not in spite of what happened out there, but because of how they responded to it.


1.     Listings are the name of the game.

2.     If anyone can, I can.

3.     Nobody slaps me around (unless I let them.)


Listings are the name of the game. 

Here are three of the many reasons why listings are the name of the game. There is only one agent who wins in every multiple offer negotiation. The listing agent. NAR calculates that it takes two and a half times more hours to get a buyer to the closing table than a seller. Listing agents continue to earn while on vacation.


In 2021, go "all in" on listings.


If anyone can, I can.

No one has more time than you have. No one has more opportunity than you have. There is no characteristic or quality common to all successful people that everyone else doesn't also have. In other words, "There is nothing special about special people – it's what they do that makes them special, not who they are." Successful people come in all shapes and sizes. 


In 2021, go "all in" on your possible future.


Nobody slaps me around (unless I let them.)

Only you can control your time. Only you can control your attention. Only you can decide who and what to devote time to. Only you can live by your core values. Only you can live up to your standards. Only you can control your economy. Only you can control your attitude. If it is to be, it is up to you.


In 2021, go "all in" on responsibility. And you will have the year you always wanted to have.


The Floyd Wickman Team Blog by Mike Pallin

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