How to Get Un-Stuck From a Rut

Oct 26, 2011

By Keynote Speaker Floyd Wickman


I hear it all the time, sales professionals who've had a tough time, a tough year and are facing some even tougher decisions.  They feel STUCK in a rut – sometimes because of circumstance and often by their own making.  Old mindsets, patterns and bad habits are tough to shatter – trust me I know!


But just as Norman Vincent Peale shared, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”  It’s not just a nice saying to hang on a wall or have on a bookmark.  It’s the real, honest-to-God truth.  So let’s make that our focus for a week, what do you say?


Heck – let’s take it even further than that.  Most of you (if you’ve been listening…) are already wisely gearing up to plan for next year – right?  Let’s throw some of these ideas in the mix too – so that we can all have a better (hopefully rut-free) year ahead.  You with me?  

Here goes:

One: Banish these words from your vocabulary: don’t, not, stop, can’t, won’t, should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve (or coulda, woulda’s as we call them!)  Look, words are extraordinarily powerful things.  They can power you up or keep you down.  And down just isn't any fun – so let’s put these babies on the shelf for a little while and focus on the words that will empower us.

Two:  Bring positive affirmation into your life.  I know, I know – we talk about this one a lot.  But I can honestly tell you that my life would have been irreversibly different if it weren't for this one:  “I will always be guided to do and say the things that lead to my success.  Everything that happens– happens in my best interest.”  Begin and end each day by counting your blessings and giving thanks.  It just makes everything in between SO much better!

Three:  Challenge yourself.  You know, I firmly believe that most ruts are caused by getting stuck in old habits, and more often than not – old habits are caused by boredom.  By not finding the courage to challenge yourself to try something new, think a new way, learn something different.   I’m a big fan of lifelong learning and I swear I get so excited when I master something new.  You see that light that goes on in people’s eyes when they “get it” – whatever that it is – for the first time – then really learn it until they own it.  Like a dialogue or a sales skill or a new way to communicate.  Don’t settle for boredom.  Don’t settle for what was.  Find at least one new way a month to challenge yourself – your life and your career will grow exponentially when you do!

Four:  Take ACTION!  Listen, life doesn't normally change for the better all by itself.  You're going to have to give it a little help.  Successful people don't wait for the phone to ring, or the economy to change, or the winning lottery ticket.  They take smart, strategic action every day that helps propel them to their goals.  You can start by ACTING on the first three ideas here!

All right – power up and start putting these four tips to work today!



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