How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Nov 23, 2020

One of my best friends has a chemical imbalance in his brain and he has been prescribed different medications over many years to manage the symptoms, everything from sadness and depression to an explosive temper. Group therapy has also helped, but sometimes life just gets to him.


He is a wonderful, fully functioning, outgoing, sociable friend who has occasional dark moods. During one of them, I shared our morning routine of affirmations, silence, visualization and journaling about gratitude. 


Mary and I list all the people and things already in our lives, or on the way to us, that we are grateful for. We go into silent meditation and listen for guidance. We picture what we want in our mind's eye. Mary prays, and we write our thoughts in a journal.


Our lists are long because we have a lot to be grateful for. My friend was persuaded that starting his day with gratitude was worth a try, and reported back to me a week later.


He said, "Every morning I write down three things I am grateful for, and then I write down why. Thinking about why makes the difference. Every day immediately gets better."


Gratitude is most often defined as thankfulness and appreciation. It doesn't cure everything, and it doesn't always last, but it can make everything better. 


Starting the day with an "attitude of gratitude" is a lot like cleansing the palette. You savor the flavor and texture of the next course more fully. Gratitude lightens the load and brightens the mood. It's wiping the slate clean and getting to choose what is written next. 


This global pandemic has distanced us from each other more than ever before. Practicing gratitude is more important now because of this. The great metaphysical scientists tell us that gratitude unifies our minds with a higher power. I believe this power is available to each and every one of us. 


It is the power to choose to be grateful and express appreciation for what we can do and what we can become . . . even in the midst of a global pandemic, divisive political climate, or a bewildering real estate market.


What is something you are grateful for? Share it with us in the comments below.



The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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