How Do You Keep Going When You Don't Feel Like It?

momentum motivation May 27, 2021

We have a buffet of suggestions. You might disagree with some of them. You might not like some of them. But they have all worked before and will work again.


  1. Wait until you do. Take a break. Get away and don't come back until you feel like it.


  1. Get going first before worrying about how to keep going.


  1. Put a deal together. Sometimes one small win is all you need.


  1. Go back and redo your 5 Why's To Purpose. When Purpose and Goals are not emotionally connected and working together, it's confusing and exhausting.


  1. "If you had no choice…" how would you keep going?


  1. Motivation is temporary. Drive lasts. Motivation will ebb and flow, and requires daily maintenance.


  1. Commit to multiple 5-90-10 sessions. Commit to prospecting with the same people at the same times every week. It's not the calls you make, it's that you make the calls.


  1. Stop focusing on money and focus on service.


  1. Surround yourself with good people who challenge and inspire and encourage you. (And conversely, avoid toxic people, drama queens and energy vampires.)


  1. Create LFT's (Look Forward To's) and share them with the people who are counting on you.


  1. Complete your circles. In other words, if you start something, finish it, or don't even start it.


  1. Upgrade your diet, sleep and exercise habits.


  1. Write out your goals every morning before work and every evening after work.


  1. Create a business that keeps working even when you're not.


  1. Set a date when you will feel like it again. Put it on a calendar and create countdown reminders that arrive closer together the closer you get to the date.


Carry on!

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