How To Make Your Business Really Take Off

business strategy momentum prospecting real estate coach Mar 17, 2022

Think of your business like a jet aircraft. What does it take to get it off the ground and head to its destination?


First, make sure it's a full flight with the right 200 passengers (people you know and the people they know).  What shape is your passenger manifest (your database) in? Is your check-in procedure automated and updated regularly? Is your staff courteous and helpful?


By the way, you are also in charge of security. Make sure you have baggage handlers, gate agents and flight attendants. Some of those functions you can automate and some you can delegate. You might have a co-pilot, but you have to be the pilot.


OK, now It's time to board.


The passengers who have achieved Platinum status (multiple referral sources) will sit up front in first class. They get to board first, along with those who need a little extra help. And don't forget service men and women in uniform, and our veterans. They deserve preferential treatment, too.


Then come the frequent fliers (repeat clients). Comfort-Plus seats with extra room (referral sources).  Next, the regular passengers (those who haven't yet, but are most likely to, do business with or refer you). Finally, there may be a last-minute standby passenger or two (FSBO's and expired listings) to fill any empty seats.


Once they are all on board, it's time to close the hatch and taxi out to the runway.


On the journey, be sure to "always do what we say we will do, sometimes more, just never less."


If the passengers are your Book of Business, the jet fuel is your marketing system. Mail – Call – See. If your jet is stuck taxi-ing out to the runway, or waiting to take off at the edge of the runway, make sure your tank is full with a well-functioning, well-planned marketing system.


The way to build momentum and go full throttle is to initiate conversations. Talk to the people you know.  Deepen your relationships.  The more conversations you have, the quicker your business will really take off.     


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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