How to Start 2022 With Momentum

holidays momentum Dec 09, 2021

"Hey, Mike. What can I do at year end, while there's still time, to start 2022 with Momentum?"


We get this question every year in early December, and there's timeless advice I would like to pass on, while there's still time.


  1. Take out your calendar and mark the days you commit to working in your business between now and January 1, and highlight them in green. That also means highlighting in pink those days you commit to not working. 'Tis the season, so give yourself permission to be jolly.


  1. Go see the most important people in your business, your Platinum referral sources. Drop off a gift. Or invite someone for coffee or to break bread every day. The gift doesn't have to be extravagant. It's the personal touch that makes the difference.


  1. Call all the people you met with who weren't quite ready to list, or to start looking, or who started looking but weren't quite ready to make an offer. This is the time of year when there is less competition for listings, and fewer offers to compete against. Review the Holiday Handlers HOT BUTTON.


  1. Clean your office as if you were moving, even if you are not. The "as if you are moving" mind-set makes it easier to jettison things that just take up space and add to the clutter, and getting a little more organized can be a very positive step.


Finally, and most important for Momentum…


  1.   Get yourself booked with appointments the first two weeks in January. Nothing else will give you more peace of mind during the Holidays and permission to enjoy quality time with family and friends,


If you need a 2022 Marketing Calendar... comment below and we will send you a copy of the one we created at the Business Breakthrough.

Happy Holidays from all of us on The Floyd Wickman Team!


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