How to Sustain Long Term Success in Sales

Feb 20, 2013

6 Healthy Habits of Top Agents By Michael Pallin

As I was preparing for a workshop for a new client this week, I had this epiphany about momentum and sustaining long term results regardless of how much or how little of the systems in the program you were able to put in place.

What is the key to building on the momentum you started during the program, and the key to sustaining those results?


There were graduates of the program in the room this week, as well as some brand new friends whom I had never met before. The graduates all agreed that IF THEY HAD BEEN DOING what they were taught to do since graduating from the program, their results would have been much, much, much better. What's the point?

Like NIKE says, “Just DO it.”

1.  Every morning, train the brain. Recite The Pledge, or The Core Values, or your affirmations.  Just do it, and as it becomes a habit you will engage both the conscious and sub-conscious minds.

2.  Every morning, take out your TO DO list and think about what's really important. Choose your Top 5, write them out, and work on them, and only them, until they are done. Make it a habit.

3.  Every morning, take out your 1-31 Prospect Follow Up system and call the people you are actively working with, and the people you need to follow up with. Make it a daily habit.

4.  At least twice a week, schedule your 5-90-10 sessions with your prospecting partner(s) and just show up and dial. Make it a habit.

5.  Every week, keep track of your numbers and progress toward your goal.  For example - if today is Day 51 of 365, 14% of the way through the year. Are you 14% of the way toward your goal? Make it a habit to know.

6.  And every week, plan your SMART Week. Block out your activity and color code. As The Beatles sang, "We all live in yellow pink and green."

All the dialogue and HOT BUTTONS and Book of Business and tools and systems from the program will become a regular part of your routine over time. If you also make listening to the CDs a part of your daily routine, you will find the program getting into your business more and more. Let it work. Repetition is the mother of skill.

But the important thing is to DO THE BASICS daily. As you do them, they become a habit, and habits become your destiny.

Good luck and great habits!

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