In the Storm's Wake...

Nov 01, 2012

The Amazing Power of Human Resilience by Floyd Wickman

This week's storm kept many of us captivated as we worried, wondered and feared for our friends, loved ones and neighbors in the Northeast.  Hurricane Sandy packed a punch and devastated so many but also showed us the incredible power of human resilience.  Of people willing to reach out, reach up, reach back and truly find ways to help each other through the tough times.

As a man who has built his life and his business on the philosophy of "We Get By Giving" - I can tell you how moved by what I'm seeing and the stories I'm hearing from our friends to the East.  People opening their businesses and homes to help others.  People putting themselves in harm's way to rescue friends and neighbors.  First responders who are always amazing to the rest of us for their courage and tenacity.

This week I just wanted to focus on what's most important in this world:  PEOPLE.  Let's all do what we can - for the folks in the storm's wake by taking a minute to visit the site for the American Red Cross.  They're doing incredible work every day.  And let's too - reach out to those all around us right in our own communities.   There is extraordinary power in helping another person.  Let's all take up that challenge!

Be well my friends!


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