Interview with Dawn Zehren, Trainer and Coach with The Floyd Wickman Team

May 06, 2020

Listen in as Mary Pallin interviews Dawn Zehren on her success as a real estate agent, life as a Floyd Wickman Team Trainer and especially as an R Squared Coach. What has Dawn experienced and learned as a coach? What message does she have to all of you from those experiences?



The first time I met Floyd Wickman, I had the nerve to ask him why he came to town... and he laughed.

I was in Real Estate for just 1 year and between a life-saving surgery and a corrective surgery when Floyd Wickman & Mike Pallin came to my town.  They held a mixer for a  group of Realtors who already registered for Master Sales Academy.  I didn't know Floyd or his program. I couldn't figure out why he'd spend the time & money to host the shindig.  I asked him, 'Why are you here?   We all signed up and paid our money.  The sale has already been made.'  To my surprise, he laughed... softly, with a gentle knowing.  Then he told me, 'I'm here because I want to impress 1 thing, 1 thing that has made a great difference in my life and if you do it, it will make all the difference for you too.  I want you to really understand the value of working as a team, as a MasterMind Group.'  His honest intention and the MasterMind concept resonated with me.  From that moment, I have trusted Floyd.  His concepts expanded my business and my life.  

Years later, after numerous attempts to help agents set & lead MasterMind groups only to watch them fizzle out, Mike Pallin came up with the concept for R2 Coaching - a Trainer led call of agents.  Each person taking Responsibility to a higher power, the power of a team.  Mike started with 3 teams. (I think... 24 people.)  Mary wanted to test the theory too.  Within a week she formed her first team, and I was on it.  That was 11 years ago.  I didn't know any of the agents when I started on that call, yet 5 of us stuck together as a team for more than 5 years.  Today, that core of 5 plus 3 great gals we picked up over the years are still dear friends.  We meet for our own COVID-19 Happy Hours on Zoom. 

It's years since I shifted from being an Agent to being a Floyd Wickman Team Trainer & Coach.  My years as an agent in R2 Coaching gives me a unique perspective as a Coach.  I know the challenges agents face week to week and I know the power of R2 Teams.  That structure of support serves far beyond the rigors of Real Estate.  R2 Teams see each other through times of divorce, devastation of homes, and loss of loved ones.  We also celebrate children & grandchildren, new loves, new homes and amazing success.  Each Team is a part of the bigger Tribe - of all the R2 Agents & Coaches.  They'd do anything to help each other.  

The agents in R2 Coaching are leaning into that structure of support in this topsy-turvy time of social distancing.  How do you successfully shift from in-person listing appointments to holding virtual listing appointments?  Turn to your Team.  Turn to your Tribe.  One agent was gearing up for her first virtual appointment.  A team member offered to let her rehearse the process and technical tweaks of Zoom before 'showtime'.  What a difference that made!  Confidence and clear mind.  Real results.  That's the power of Team.  The power of the whole Tribe is seen on the webinars Mike & Mary have held with special bonus tools for current R2 Agents.  Yep.  That's Floyd's "Get by Giving" core value in action. 

  - Dawn Zehren  


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