Interview with Sheldon Spiegel, Master Trainer and Coach with The Floyd Wickman Team

May 20, 2020

Listen in as Mary Pallin interviews Sheldon Spiegel about his life as a Floyd Wickman Team Trainer and especially as an R Squared Coach. What has Sheldon experienced and learned as a coach? What message does he have to all of you from those experiences?


Welcome to Coaches Corner with Mary Pallin and Sheldon Spiegel.


1:05 - What is it like to know Floyd Wickman personally?

2:50 - How are Floyd’s techniques timeless?

3:40 - What makes coaching different from live, instructor-led training?

4:30 - Why does R Squared Coaching works?

5:43 - What has being a coach taught you about accountability?

7:10 - Do most agents need coaching?

12:00 - What do you like most about being a coach?

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