It’s All In the FOCUS

Mar 08, 2016

In Step With Power Agent Norman O’Grady Isn’t it wonderful when agents share a little about themselves and what it took to get them to the incredible levels of success so many aspire to?  It’s part of what we love most Norman Standingabout our family of past students and audience members.  They connect. Help one another. Support each other’s causes.  And each and every year, work to help one another grow their businesses, strengthen their mindsets, and fuel their passions.

This week’s spotlight agent is no exception.  We caught up with Norman O’Grady to learn a little about what he relies on for his secrets to success.  We think you’ll enjoy it as much as we did! Thanks Norman!

Q:  Before we get started, can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your business? 

A:  I emigrated to the US from Ireland in 1987. I got into real estate in 1992.

Q:  You were a recent award winner at the Master Sales Academy this year with some pretty amazing production!  Can you tell the readers about your awards and perhaps give us some insights as to what you believe were some contributing factors for your incredible success? 

A: My production was 14.5 million in closed sales with 32 closed sides. I would have to say some of the contributing factors were being part of a Business Networking Group. Taking part in community activities like Little League, soccer, ice hockey, keeping in touch with my sphere and staying visible in the community.

Q:  It's wonderful when you see sales professionals like yourself who truly "walk their talk" - especially in today's world.  What do you think it takes to consistently stay on track and to work with purpose?

A:  100% Focus. Reciting affirmations every morning. A daily routine. Tracking my numbers.

Q:  How has Floyd, his team, and their training impacted your life and career? 

 A:  Before I got introduced to Floyd Wickman, I was consistently doing 4-5 million each year  in production not really focused on my business.  Once I started going through Floyd’s training, I become more focused, started getting into a routine and my production started increasing each year.

Q:  What do you think is the biggest challenge facing agents today and how should they look to overcome them?

A:  New agents getting into the business today need to be shown what they need to do. Like making calls to the neighborhood and prospecting for Expireds or For Sale by Owners. Blocking their time and having a work routine are also critical factors for success.

Q:  Any advice for the new folks coming into the business? 

A:  Have a daily routine and work it each day.

Q:  How can our readers best connect with you? 

A: Sure, I can be reached by phone at 617-254-2525 or email at [email protected].

Thanks so much for sharing a little about yourself and what it takes to do $14.5 million in sales!  We appreciate you!  We love our incredible network of top real estate business professionals for all they do to raise the bar in our industry and support each other along the way.

If you’d like to learn more about our training programs, the Master Sales Academy, or our upcoming Forum, visit us at  If you’re a member and would love for us to share YOUR story as well, reach out to us today!

Make it a great one!


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