Keeping In Touch

Mar 24, 2015


Listings are the name of the game. 

Buyers give you a paycheck, listings give you a business. 

Your inventory level will determine your income level. 

OK, Floyd, I agree with all of the above, but how can I handle a larger listing inventory when Sellers have such high expectations and demand a lot of hand-holding? How can I possibly keep in touch with all of them and not let them down? There are only so many hours in a day! 

Here are some Tips ‘N’ Techniques for keeping in touch with a larger number of Sellers. Putting these into practice will help you manage Seller expectations by creating the perception that you are really on top of things. 

(Please treat this like a buffet. Take what you like, and leave what you don’t.) 

  1. Determine their preferred method of communicating by asking. Phone call? email? Voice mail? Text? US Mail? Facebook? Twitter? Personal visit?
  2. Determine the maximum amount of time they are willing to let go by without a showing before “we” adjust the price.
  3. Schedule co-broke showings personally.
  4. Give them a folder with a phone log and ask them to note every call, print out every email, and save every communication from you.
  5. Subscribe to real estate news services (NAR, KCM, e.g.) and regularly send them articles with real estate news.
  6. Use the buyer search function in your MLS and enter them as buyers for their property.
  7. Use to access voice mail directly.
  8. Use group texting.
  9. Use google alerts to trigger interaction with Sellers on social media.
  10.  Send showing feedback when the buyer doesn’t write an offer which includes, “The buyer said the price was too high.”

And finally, if you already have an assistant, or concierge, or someone you can pay, have them call your Sellers for you each week and ask, “Is there anything you need to speak with (YOUR NAME) about?” 

Whatever you do, don’t let a fear of not being able to handle the servicing and follow up prevent you from focusing on listing, or keep you from building a larger inventory.

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