Leadership? Starts With ACCOUNTABILITY...

Mar 23, 2016

By Floyd Wickman

My best advice for management today? Start with accountability. If there’s ever been a time to raise standards, it’s NOW. If there’s ever been a time when an owner should say, “In order to work on our team, in our family, we have basic requirements,” it’s now. I’m reminded of a broker who once said, “My people wouldn't live up to my standards, so I lowered them.” Trust me, friends -- that’s the opposite of what needs to be done.

Often times when I talk about this subject I refer back to the Marines.  Talk about HIGH STANDARDS.  They just want “a few good men.”  Not everyone.  Not everything.  Just a few good men.  You know the marines have never had a recruiting problem?  Why?  Their bar is HIGH.  Their standards are HIGH.  Their accountability – HIGH. Now I’m not suggesting you turn all drill sergeant on your team (that wouldn’t go over very well-would it?) but in terms of accountability.  When EVERYONE steps up…the whole organization goes UP.

Secondly, insist that your people do the basics. Any broker who does a quick analysis of his or her agents by asking, “How many prospective buyers, sellers or lookers have you been face-to-face with in the past two weeks?” will likely be shocked at the answer. Agents say they’re hungry, but are they doing what they need to do to move ahead? The solution is to get face-to-face with their customers.

There are some exciting things happening in markets all across North America right now. You’re seeing a resurgence of energy.  Agents are jumping back in and getting back to work and that’s incredible to see.  As their leader, help them to truly understand that whether they’re just getting started in the business, re-started in the business or just eager to take their career to the next level – that the BASICS are a great foundation to build from.  I love social media.  Love networking.  Love direct mail.  Love technology.  Love all the terrific ways we have to communicate and connect with our clients and prospects now.  But what I love even more?  Seeing agents get face to face with their customers and prospects.  Delivering presentations.  Closing deals and helping people achieve the dream of home ownership.

Next, work as a team. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” as they say. It creates SYNERGY and that’s powerful if what you want to do right now is increase your brand awareness, add exciting new members to the team and streamline your success rate.  It is 100% true that a group of people working together as a team will always produce and out-perform just a group of individuals.  Hands down.  I’m on a quest to show brokers how to convert their office of individuals into ONE TEAM. We’re seeing some pretty powerful results because of it, so we know that it works.

If you need help taking your organization higher than you’ve ever thought possible, give me a call at 800.910.5351. I’ve got some ideas that might just knock your socks off (and dramatically increase your accountability, mastery of the basics and create a powerful synergy and teamwork in your office.)

You game for that?

Talk to you soon!  Have a fantastic rest of the week!



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