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Lessons from Gino Blefari

inventory real estate market relationships Oct 19, 2023

The Floyd Wickman Team Blog Written by Mary Pallin

I had the privilege of spending the morning with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Gino Blefari last week. He was visiting Roberts Brothers, Inc. in Alabama and spoke at their sales meeting.

He told the story of how he stumbled into real estate and about his path to success. Like many of us, his career began slowly and he almost got out of the business. Gino’s a marvelous storyteller and his message was inspiring. 

He reminded us that rates are still high and that inventory is about 58% of what it was before COVID. Gino said it is harder and harder to succeed in real estate. Then he drew some conclusions that I hope you find encouraging and energizing.

Gino implored us to:

  • Deepen our relationships with everyone.
  • Work harder on yourself than on your business.
  • Know everything about everything. Know more than anyone else and be a continuous learner.
  • Be likable.
  • Be disciplined. Work harder than anyone else.
  • Build your selling skills. Learn dialogues and techniques.
  • Find accountability and measure your numbers. Keep score. 

This career has never been easy, and the road ahead is lined, as usual, with obstacles. 

Consider that 5 million sales were shared by 1.56 million Realtors last year, and you’ll agree that most agents did not earn what they had originally hoped.

Yet, I’m with Gino.

This is the time when selling skills and relationships will make all the difference. 

What does Floyd say about Real Estate? “It’s too easy to get in, and it’s too easy to get out; and while you’re in it, everything is too optional”

Fortunately, The Floyd Wickman Team has connected with you, dear reader. 

Our training programs and R Squared Coaching system implement Gino Blefari’s recommendations for succeeding in this market. When you find accountability and keep your Wickman skills sharp you are going to seize this market and achieve your goals. 

Believe it.



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