Feb 11, 2010

Going forward with those lessons I have learned from my friend and mentor Zig Ziglar I want to share his most recent lesson with you.  Namely, "ENCOURAGEMENT IS THE FUEL THAT DRIVES HOPE".

Hearing this motivated me to change my message for my keynote addresses.  Over the years, I have  mostly given my audiences the 'how-to's'.   I usually left the motivational messages up to the motivators.  Until lately!

If ever there was a time when my audiences need to feel up and encouraged it is now.  So I pulled out my one and only motivational message," Mind, Time and Passion...the keys to success."  and discovered the encouragement from this talk does give them hope.  Check out their comments www.mindtimeandpassion.com

So let's spread some encouragement to someone each and every day.  Here's how:

1.  Remind others how they have the potential for success or they wouldn't have accomplished some of the things they already have.

2.  Point out the good things people do and encourage them to continue on with their work because it is helping someone who needs it.

3.  Recognize someone who achieves a difficult goal and share the story with others.

4.  Send out your 'good news' reports on a daily basis.  Each time you accomplish something positive send an e mail to as many people as possible.  "I just made a sale today"  "Closed a tough one" etc.  This can give hope to those who doubt anyone is buying anything.

5.  Tell someone how you have a feeling they are going to be very successful because of one of their characteristics that you've noticed.

6.  Notify everyone of any good news your read or hear of. 

7.  Start an encouragement club...the only rule being to follow the above ideas.

I'll bet if you give it some thought you could come up with many wonderful ways to provide the "fuel of encouragement" to drive hope in all you meet.



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