Listings Are the Name of the Game

Apr 10, 2013

Four Reasons You Can’t Have Them ALL By Mike Pallin

How about this market?  Was there ever a doubt that “Listings are the name of the game”? Not anymore.  By a show of hands, how many know someone who wishes they had more listings right now? How about a lot more?

How many listings do you want? All of them? Not a bad choice, because if you had all the listings, roughly what % of the closings would you participate in?

But you can’t have them all. Why not? Here are the four most logical reasons:

1. You can’t get them all. Nobody can, and nobody does. Nobody is that good. As Steven Wright observed, ‘You can’t have everything-- where would you put it?” You probably can’t even get all the ones you go on, unless you only go on one a year. It’s just the law of averages.

2. You don’t want them all. If you have ever had an unreasonable, uncooperative, uncommunicative, overly demanding and overbearing Seller, you know it’s true. If you have ever had a Seller promise to negotiate in good faith, only to find out they weren’t exactly telling the truth, you know you don’t want them all.

3. Trying to get them all will make you crazy. Thinking you should be able to get them all will leave you disappointed and demoralized. As Floyd teaches, “One of the biggest mistakes new people make is thinking they have to work with everybody. Just work with your clients – the people who will work with you your way one step at a time, and not fight you.”

4. You can’t handle them all. Even if you got them all, you couldn’t possibly help them all. Remember Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men? “You can’t handle them all!” (Or something like that.)

OK. If listings are the name of the game, and you can’t get them all, what’s the point?

The Point: Build your inventory to the level that you can handle. Set a goal. Make a commitment. Do the basics until you get to that level.

Start here: What is your listing goal? That’s easy enough to figure out. How many listings do you have now? How many listings could you handle? The difference between the two is your new listing goal.

If you can’t figure out how many listings you could handle, then answer this - What’s the most you ever had at one time? How well did your systems hold up with that many listings? That should tell you how many you can handle at once.

Now put a deadline date on the goal. A “by when.” Without a target date, you have a wish, a hope, an expectation, a desire, but you don’t have a goal.

Once you have a deadline, make a commitment with an “If I do,” and an “If I don’t.” Promise yourself an exciting reward for hitting the goal, and a painful penalty if you don’t. By the deadline date.

And when you have a date and a commitment, do the basics until you hit the goal. The power of that one little word, “until,” is immense.

Commit to dialing until you have a conversation.

Commit to having conversations until you get a lead.

Commit to qualifying your leads until you find a prospect with a need.

Commit to closing prospects until you get an appointment.

Commit to going on appointments until you get a listing.

Commit to getting listings until you hit your goal.

Those are the basics. Think you can do that? I know that you can. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding and satisfying than setting a goal, making a commitment, doing the basics and looking back on a goal that you achieved.  And if you're looking for help and answers - then turn to any of our trainerstraining courses or R-Squared members. We've got what you need to succeed!

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