Luck? Has Nothing to Do With It...

Jul 04, 2012

Sales Success Lies in the "Small Things"   by Floyd Wickman

Isn’t it funny how when some people rise to the top of their game in our industry others are quick to call it “luck”?  The reality?  Great Results are the Sum of Small Things Done Well Repeatedly. In other words, “lucky is” as “lucky does.”  Top producers get that – really get that.  They’re good at adding up that kind of math.  They know that success doesn’t lie in “brass ring thinking” or big gestures.  It’s developing SKILLS, fine-tuning STRATEGIES and taking care of the PEOPLE that take care of them (and propel their business) every day.

That’s what we teach.  Those “little” common denominators that add up to “big” production levels, happier lives and sales professionals who not only are able to stay off the commission roller coaster-- even in a challenging economy – but help those around them do the same.  What are some of those common threads?

  1. They are SKILL BUILDERS.  They know what to say, when to say it, how to say it and to read they people they are saying “it” to.  They are life-long learners of their craft, of their business and of themselves.  They’re smart enough to know that you can’t ever just depend on “who you were yesterday” if you want to keep growing today.  They are better negotiators, closers, objection handlers and relationship developers because they know that those skills will not only benefit their careers – but certainly help them do the best possible job for their customers.  What does that do for them?  Helps them get more – you got it – REFERRALS.  Oh – and more than a few friends along the way as well!
  2. They are MENTORS and protégés.  Boy do I love how much master salespeople want to help those around them.  I love that we’ve got some mentor groups in our network that have been together 10, 12 – even 15 years or more.  “Why do you do it?” I once asked a good friend and life-long learner Nelson Zide, “To keep getting better,” he said.  Yeah.  We get by giving right?  What I love about mentoring is that it centers on just that.  Giving.  Something powerful happens to you too when you’re acting as a mentor, teaching someone else, lending a helping hand – it makes you want to be BETTER.  You raise your standards.  You expect more from yourself when you’re expecting something of others.  Don’t lose that thought!
  3. They have the right ATTITUDE.  To quote my good friend Zig Ziglar, “Your attitude will determine your altitude,”-- right?  You know when you’re around someone who is a top producer, it’s almost contagious.  They walk a little taller, believe a little more, and live by that motto, “If anyone can – I can.”   They don’t let the little stuff get to them.  They don’t buy into the doom and gloom, sky-is-falling stuff.  They make their own economy.  They have a little faith – and they work a little harder and a whole lot smarter.  Mindset – it matters – more than you’ll ever know.  Especially today.  Make sure yours is on-track.
  4. They take CONTROL – of their TIME and LIFE. Listen, you’ve probably heard me say it more than once – time is LIFE.  You can’t do it all successfully if you don’t have a handle on your time.  And life is too important to skip this step.  We spend a lot of time on this step in our classes for a reason.  Life out of balance for long periods of time doesn’t make anyone any fun to be around.  It creates chaos and burnout and unhappy families.  It’s a must-have skill – just like negotiating, closing and knowing what to say and how to say it.  What’s funny is once you’ve mastered this skill – they’ll be no turning back.  You’ll treasure every moment more and find yourself happier, healthier and more productive for it.

Do I think top producers think of themselves as “lucky?”  Sure.  Most of them are – and most of them have made their own brand of luck by doing all those small things every day to ensure their “streak” stays on track.  I think they also add one more component in that is pretty vital to a happy life and career – they count their blessings.  I know I do – pretty lucky-right?

Wishing you an extraordinary week!  Oh and listen, if you get the chance --please do me a favor – drop by our Facebook page – my team is doing some incredible things and I know they’d love to share with you.  (There’s that “sharing” thing again!) We’d love to see you there!

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Love ya!

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