Many Hands Make Light Work

Sep 13, 2012

The Power of TEAMWORK by Floyd Wickman

Picture this:  Your production is up, your organization hopping and your sales team is happy.  No way!  How is that possible?   Just turn on the national news or pick up a newspaper and you’ll know how BAD it is out there-right?  You can’t be doing well.  Or – can you?  Sure you can.  What do I tell organizations in times like this?  Form yourselves into a TEAM.   

“But Floyd…”  Listen, a group of people working together as a team can far out-produce the same number of people working individually. Why?  Teamwork ignites synergy.   Just like the combination of turning the key causes the starter to turn the engine over which fires the spark plugs which causes the gasoline to fire which powers the automobile-- the synergistic energy produced by individuals who are working together will compound and cause an increase in production.

It works.  In every market –every economy -- for as long as I’ve been in this business called sales.  In fact, I see this almost daily in our Floyd Wickman Program.  People do an amazing amount of business during the program because they are part of a team.  I have worked with people in my coaching program that did well during the program but not after.  When I probe for the reason why, I find that the individual admits they produced "for the team" because they felt an obligation "to the team."  I can't tell you why our nature makes us behave that way, but I can confidently show you how to make it work for your group of people.  Would you like to know how?

First, let me clarify what is NOT a team.  A group of people who like each other is not necessarily a team.  People that have been together a long time, while unusual, will not necessarily make a team.

There are 4 components of a team:

1.  A common goal.  Maybe you can have your people collectively shoot for X number of appointments, or X number of referrals, or X number sales.  Make it whatever your organization needs at the time.  The caveat is this: Make sure you are not making this an individualistic effort by working toward X number of "somethings" each but rather a grand total of X "somethings" so that all people shoot for that same number.  For example:  15 people X 2 appointments each.   They will probably not be able to each produce 2, but for sure they can collectively produce 30.  This simply is the power of synergy.

2.  Integrated activities.  Each person must agree to do whatever they can to achieve the common goal.  Even though they may not be able to contribute equally to the numbers they can contribute somehow to make it easier for others to achieve the goal.

3.  Good leadership.  Someone has to take on the responsibility for (1) talking things up; (2) collecting and displaying the current tally; (3) getting on anyone who is not doing their best toward achieving the goal; etc. etc.

4.  Individual commitment.  Teams can only be made up of individuals who want to be part of that team.  There are countless stories in the sports world where an individual, is unhappy being there and that can destroy the spirit of the whole team.

So, take the initiative.  Build your group of individuals into a team.  Focus on in-office appointments, price reductions, homes shown or any other activity and watch the production grow.

Remember, TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.  If your team is not measuring up to your dream -- consider our Floyd Wickman Program -- it's an extraordinary way of creating cohesiveness and synergy in your organization.  Call our office if you would like to learn more at 800-910-5351!

Have a great week!


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