Mind, Time and Passion

Sep 27, 2012

Three Ingredients for Success in ANY Business by Floyd Wickman

You know, as I developed as a salesperson, a teacher, trainer, keynote speaker – and even as a person – I learned early on that there’s a lot to learn.  Sounds funny I know – but 'stick with me, I'm going somewhere with this..."

I learned that 20% of the salespeople were earning 80% of the money.  I learned that only 5% of them on at age 65 would be considered financially independent. I also learned that by studying the habits, traits and integrity level of the sales professionals and leaders I admired and respected the most – I realized that there were three key ingredients of their success:   mind, time and passion. 

Mind.  This is a big one.  Top producers don’t think like other people.  They don’t buy into that “I can’t” mentality.  They don’t blame the market, the economy, the world or their company for their success or failure.  They know that if they subscribe to self-depreciating “stinking thinking” as my big brother Zig Ziglar would say—they can’t break through the barriers or bypass the obstacles they’re sure to face.  Instead they carefully choose what they allow INTO their subconscious – so that the negative never finds a home there.  I love this quote by Frank Outlaw, “Watch your words, they become your thoughts. Watch your thoughts, they become your actions.  Watch your actions, they become your habits.  Watch your habits for they will become your destiny.”

Time.  If you’ve known me at all you’ve probably heard me say once or twice that “time is life.” Not only do I believe that – I see it every day in the eyes of our students, clients and audience members.  It’s why we spend so much TIME in our training courses teaching people how to block their time efficiently, effectively and with purpose.  So that they can make more time for the things that matter the most.  Not just the “bill paying” things – but the “life-affirming” things like family, friends and personal time.

Passion.  Love Harvey Mackay’s quote - "Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life."  When you find something you LOVE to do – and the people that you love to work with – it fuels your days with a passion.  It makes work – well less like work – and it allows you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.  If you’re not feeling passionate about what you’re doing – take a step back.  Look at it from all angles – and see if there is a way to infuse that excitement back into your career.  Maybe there is a niche you love to work with, maybe by learning new skill sets or changing your mindset you can feel more comfortable and confident.  Life’s too short to not love what you’re doing.  So make it a point to fire up your passion and purpose – it will make the rest of the year a whole lot more fun and help you add more to your bottom line in the process.

I love the topic of “Mind, Time & Passion.”  It’s one of my favorite seminars to present, and it is humbling and heart-warming to hear how it affects people long after they've left the convention hall.  I just want you to know that your emails, letters and notes telling me what any of our keynotes or training has done for you fill us with great joy.  We appreciate your thoughts, your taking the effort to connect with us – and spending a little of your TIME (LIFE) with us!  If you need us – call us!  (And keep those cards and letters coming!)  Have a great one!

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