Motivation: What to Do If Your Get Up and Go Got Up and Went

May 17, 2012

We’ve all been there: A hundred things to do, but no energy. Every little distraction carries us off somewhere else. The hard things we need to do to make life easier don’t get done. You start to panic and the negative thoughts creep in. Not to worry. Take a deep breath. Relax. And let’s take it from the top.

What’s your goal? Now for those of us in the business world, the answer’s usually the same: To make money. But that’s not your ultimate goal and not your purpose in life. Let’s bore in a little deeper. Your goal is to make money to pay the bills to keep a roof over your head and support your family. That sound more like it?  Money may not make the world go around, but it DOES make life more comfortable and secure for yourself and your family, doesn’t it?

Make your purpose your goal: Everyone’s purpose is different and personal to them. Maybe it’s providing well for your family, or attaining a position in life you’ve always wanted or living a purposeful life. Whatever your purpose–frame it as a goal and then commit to it with everything you have. And don’t be afraid to share your goal with those around you–you just never know when someone else will have the ability to help you get there faster!

In The Floyd Wickman Program, the students must bring in a picture of their goal: The new house, car, vacation plans, college fund – whatever works. Visualize the goal in your mind and put the picture on your wall, the front of your notebook, the dashboard of that car you want to replace or anywhere and everywhere that will help you stay FOCUSED.

Then What – right?

Break your goal down. For example, let’s say your goal this year is to take your family on a great vacation. To do that you’ve figured out that it’s going to cost X dollars over what you NEED to make to meet your obligations and financial goals for the year. Now break that down. From that number you can determine how many commissions you’ll need to realize that goal.

Then continue to work backwards and determine how many listings you’ll need to close, what your list to close ratio is, how many appointments you’ll need to go on to get those listings and how many people you’ll have to contact to get those appointments. Our Master Sales Society members are very familiar with this process because we spend a lot of time at our FORUMSmatching required activities to our goals.

Get it done: You’re sitting there lacking for motivation and your next deal seems like a million miles away. What do you do? Take a look at that picture. Visualize your goal. Revisit your purpose. What ACTION can you take to move you another step closer to that goal?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: For many, picking up the phone to prospect is one of the hardest hardest things to do in sales. But you know that once you get going, it’s pretty easy. Start smiling and dialing and get those appointments and make your sales and hit your goal. You’ll be done before you know it and oh, what a feeling!

Tip From Floyd: When you say “I’m going to try,” you’re giving yourself an excuse for failure. Instead, use this positive affirmation a few times a day: “I’ve set my goals and I know I’m going to hit them!”

If motivation’s not your problem and you’re struggling with other aspects of the sales business, get in touch with us. If you have a positive, can-do attitude, we’ll make sure you achieve your goals.

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