Oct 31, 2009

In my blog dated Oct 23 I talked about the when, why and where of the time 34 years ago when my friend (like a big brother) Zig Ziglar began as my mentor sharing lessons with me and why I felt compelled to share these lessons.  In that blog I shared lesson 1 of 16.


Imagine you are at a sports game.  It is a home game for your team.  Each time they score, make a great play or prevent the opponent from scoring you and the rest of the home crowd break out in a loud and enthusiastic applause along with jumping up and roaring its approval of its team. 

Chances are the crowd is motivating the team to repeat their performance and I'm sure the players are feeling like winners at that moment.  They approach the next play already thinking like a winner and their chances of winning the game increase.   The odds are always in favor of the home team.  Why?  because the home crowd inspires them  

Even when a player makes a mistake we often respond with..."that's okay!  Good eye!  Nice try!  Or other words of encouragement.  That is the 'Home Team Advantage'

Lets look at it from the viewpoint of the other team.  Each time they score their achievement is met with silence rather than praise.  If they prevent your team from scoring what they hear is loud booing often followed by negative, even degrading, words aimed at them. 

How un-motivating is that?  To be put down each time one accomplishes something they should be proud of...booed just for doing ones job.  How can anyone be at their best under those conditions.

It's similar to being in the business world.  If we have a bad day, week or month and not getting the encouragement to keep going it becomes very difficult for us to achieve at our full potential.

So, if you need the Home Court Advantage, If you need to get more support and encouragement from those in your life and nothing you;ve tried is working, let me give you several things I know will help:

1.  Give them them some 'countables'.  Commit to them some times either weekly, daily or monthly that they can count on you being there no matter what.  It might be called date night; play time; conversation hour; day off, etc.  As long a they know they can count on you for that they are more apt to understand those times when you cant be there.

2.  Be happy.  The great gift we can give to those who love us is to be happy.  When asked how your day went try to reply with a happy, confident response rather than a negative, sour reply that can only make the people in your life feel worse.

3.  Turn off the cell phone, computer, etc. while with them.  Nothing can make one feel unimportant more-so than being told to 'hold on' while we take another call or check our text messages.  Do you honestly think you have to be that reachable at all hours?  How sad if you do.

4.  Pray together and Play together.  Either done as a family might add  strength to the relationship.  Both done as a family will guarantee it. 

Do these things and you will assuredly have that 'HOME COURT ADVANTAGE' you will need if you are to succeed at your full potential.  I'm sure there are others so if you have one you'd like to share let me know.  [email protected]

Coming up next week:  Lesson 3 of 16. 



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