No Time Like The Right Time

Aug 21, 2019

Floyd and I and our Team do an event every year for Floyd Wickman Program graduates and invited guests who want to put their business plan in place before the Holiday Season starts. January is too late to start business planning, and December is just too busy. We call our two day business planning event The Business Breakthrough.


I remember a day in April a few years ago when Floyd asked a roomful of 600 real estate agents to raise a hand if they started the year with a goal. Almost every hand went up. Then he asked how many knew for a fact that as of today they were still on track to hit that goal. Almost every hand went down.


Here we are in the second half of the year. How many of you know someone whose 2019 isn't turning out the way they had hoped it would?


Why do so few real estate salespeople enjoy the fantastic financial rewards available to them? And why do so many end up the year nowhere near their full potential?


Floyd Wickman has the answer. He has always had the ability to take the complex and make it simple. If you want to get what you want out of real estate before you get out of real estate, we created The Business Breakthrough just for you.


In its simplest form, what's missing for most agents are three things: a solid foundation, a specific goal and a foolproof plan.


Think of a foundation as having four cornerstones: 

1.  A clear vision

2.  An unchanging purpose

3.  A steady faith 

4.  A sincere gratitude. 


Without a solid foundation, no building can stand against the elements, and no business will last.


At The Business Breakthrough we make sure all four of these cornerstones are in place:  You will leave with a clear vision of 2020 that serves your life purpose. You will find the basis for unwavering faith in your ability to achieve your goals, and the attitude of gratitude that attracts your better future.


The second ingredient is a specific goal. Each of us has a wish in our heart and a picture in our mind of where we want to be. But that's just the beginning of achievement. The Business Breakthrough will show you how to take that dream, that wish, that hope, that expectation and create specific, measurable goals that will energize you throughout the year.


Of course, a goal without a plan is just a fantasy. So, the third ingredient we put in place at The Business Breakthrough is a step-by-step, customized, activity-based plan


As Floyd says, "There's nothing special about special people. It's what they do that makes them special."


Here is why November is the perfect time to get your business plan for 2020 in place. By Thanksgiving we all become Holiday-minded, more focused on friends and family and less focused on business. For some, this mind-set lasts until just after the Super Bowl, and then where is your momentum?


Putting your business plan in place in November allows you to enjoy the Holidays guilt-free, maintain your momentum and hit the ground running come January 1.


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