No, You Don't HAVE To But Here's Why You Still Should

Apr 10, 2014

By Floyd Wickman

When times are busy, or slow. When they are tough – or fantastic.  When you’ve got all the business you need – or not enough to keep you going.  There are things you do and things you don’t have to do.  But one thing that will always, always ring true—it is what you do when you don’t HAVE to that will determine what you’ll be when you can no longer help it.

Sometimes it feels easier to take a short cut.  To lower your standards.   To give less than your all.  But in the long run – what feels easy often is our undoing isn’t it?  If our integrity slips. If we disappoint or don’t deliver what we say we will.  The opposite is true however.  When no one’s looking.  When you don’t HAVE to deliver your best product, best service, best attitude, best self and you do it ANYWAY – there’s some WOW factor in that.  There’s CHARACTER in that.  And there’s success elements in that.

The people that succeed in this world aren’t worried about shortcuts.  They don’t care if it takes a little longer, costs a little more, or requires more effort.  They get that it is the right thing to do for their own conscious, for their clients, their families and the people around them. And because they focus on doing it RIGHT from the start – no excuses – no sidelining – they rise to the top of their game, their market, their profession – and their reputation amongst those that know them.

Is it worth it every time?  You bet.  Now – what are YOU going to do today?

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