The Power of Consistency and Persistence

Mar 20, 2013

The Power of Consistency and Persistence by Floyd Wickman

Make one phone call?  Not enough.  Knock on one door?  Not enough.  Send one postcard? Not enough.   Connect with your sphere once? Not enough.   Ultimately we are in the business of PEOPLE, and that means RELATIONSHIPS, which are not built in split seconds but with powerful, positive, CONSISTENT contact.

So if you or one of your colleagues are still chasing the next deal, quitting long before you start or only showing up once.  Then maybe sales isn't right for you. Or maybe a little perspective can help you understand that success comes to those who show up time and again.  Who make their clients and customers a priority.  Who aren't afraid to pick up a phone, or meet face to face or connect month after month with the people in their community.  In fact, even some who ARE afraid, who do get nervous but do it anyway are an inspiration to all the salespeople in business today.

I have three ideas for you...

1. Put it on the calendar.  If left to chance, your prospecting will more than likely be left undone.  Block the time to connect with your book of business each day just as you would a listing appointment, networking event, or new client meeting.  Yes, it's THAT important!  Our R Squared members have this down to a science with our SMART week and their productivity (and profitability) is proof that they are on the right track!

2.  Change your perspective.  Some people DREAD prospecting. Change your mind.  You know, it really is just an opportunity to connect. Talk to people.  Ask some questions.  Find out if you can offer a service. Will you get no's?  Absolutely.  Will you get yes's?  Absolutely.  But only if you put yourself out there.  The lifetime value of a customer continues to rise - and when you put the time in and stay connected you are not only building a customer - but t customer for life -- who will send you not only their business but referrals as well.

3.  Get creative.  Have fun.  Step outside your comfort zone.  Be remembered.  Some of the best salespeople I know don't stick to the status quo. They keep shaking things up and learning new ways to stay top of mind with their farm and sphere.  And if you're not a creative type - then connect with a group of salespeople who are.  There's much to be said for having a brainstorming group that can share ideas and insights and be each other's sounding boards.  Whether that's in your own office - community or as part of a mastermind group that meets virtually with agents from all over the globe - don't limit your thinking - or your ideas!

Be CONSISTENT. Keep showing up.  Keep bringing your best self to the table.  And if you need help figuring it all out? Know that my team is right here waiting. Click here to find out what our R Squared Members are doing differently and connect with us if you or your team is ready to fire things up this quarter!


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