One Positive Thought in the Morning...

Jan 15, 2014

Live Inspired... by Hall of Fame Speaker Floyd Wickman

It's said that one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.  I believe that.  And I believe that the words we not only tell the world and those around us but certainly to that man or woman in the mirror each day have the ability to propel us forward to defeat us before we even start -- so choosing them wisely makes all the difference.   I often tell my story of being at the bottom of my rope and wondering which way I would turn in my early career days as a real estate agent.  One of the affirmations that helped me climb to the top and that I still use today to inspire my days and keep negativity at bay is, "I will always be guided to do and say the things that contribute to my success.  Anything that happens—happens in my best interest."

That's right ANYTHING that happens.  Because, let's face it, life tosses us curveballs.  Difficult clients.  Deals that go south.  Uphill climbs.  More than a few challenges.  But even the tough stuff teaches us.  In fact, more often than not, they teach us even more than the good stuff does.  So here's three things you can do today to start living a little more inspired this year.

1.  Find YOUR WORDS.  Define and put in front of you each morning (and all through the day some days) the affirmations or positive words that work for YOU.  What makes you feel your strongest?  Ask around to those top pros around you and see what they are telling themselves.  Google affirmations.  Do a little research.  Come up with the 5 or 10 affirmations that can kick start your productivity and positive mindset each day.  Your life and career will be richer for it. (And while you're at it -- dump the negative talk and naysayer mantras you may have been carting around all these years.  The I can'ts, if onlys, not good enoughs -- that detract from your esteem.)

2.  Surround yourself with the right kind of people.  The kind that lift you up -- and also the kind that don't let you always take the easy way out.  While ‘yes-men’ or women can feel good to the ego – they don’t really challenge us to grow or change-do they?  In our R-Squared program, agents fuel each other’s success, share strategies and ideas, praise each other for jobs well done -- but always straight talk communicate when it’s necessary.

3.  Master your time.  We’re all give 24 hours a day – some just are smarter about how they use those hours.  Use the S.M.A.R.T. system we teach in the Floyd Wickman Program to block out your time in the most efficient and effective way possible.  This allows you to not only focus on the revenue/production centric tasks that are necessary, but also the downtime, family time, re-fueling time that is just as important.  Today’s agents can’t possible get to the top and stay there without mastering this critical component.  Ask us how you can bring this vital skill and more to your organization.

Bottom line?  Be good to yourself.  It’s funny (and not in a good way) how we can be so much kinder to others than we are ourselves.  Watch your words.  Use them wisely.  Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It’s a gift to both you and your family and friends.  Trust me.

Make it a great day!


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