Plum Out of Listings

Jan 14, 2021

"We're plum out of listings."


"There's just nothing left to show to my buyers."


"Everything is selling with multiple offers."


No doubt about it, we are living in unusual times. Listing inventory is in short supply and, according to N.A.R., has been below normal levels for most of a decade.


FSBO's are cockier than ever because it is easier than ever for them to attract buyers.


Sellers see everything selling in record time for record prices and are second guessing the commission.


I know we prayed for a hot market, but this is ridiculous. 


Buyers are continually frustrated and disappointed. And trying to get listings, forget about it.


How in the world is an agent supposed to get listings with what's happening to the economy and the country and the market and the weather?


OK, hold on, let's take a collective deep breath. How about a little food for thought.


From little Brunswick County in North Carolina, setting records for sales volume and units this past year, there were 110 EXPIRED LISTINGS on January 1.


Let that sink in.


Here another assumption-busting fact. The Beaches MLS in Southern Florida showed 1916 listings expired on December 31, and another 130 on January 1. The entire MLS shows a whopping 29040 expired listings for 2020.




San Diego, California showed 195 listings expiring on December 31, and another 98 on January 1.


This same scenario played out all across North America. Almost everywhere, there are ACRES OF DIAMONDS right in our own back yard.


Call. Write. Stop by. Email. Text.  Reach out!


Some of them still want to sell. Some of them are taking a breather. Some of them could use a little hope and encouragement and TLC. They had plans and dreams and hopes and wishes. Maybe they just happened to pick the wrong agent. They deserve better.


No one will serve them better than you. No one cares more about what they care about than you do. No one will work harder for them than you.


You with your Core Values. You with your commitment to deliver world class service. You with your expertise developed by staying currently trained.


Every year when the calendar changes into a new year, hundreds and thousands of listings expire. 2021 is no exception.


5%, 19 out of 20 agents, won't even reach out once. And only 5% of the 5% will reach out more than twice. You have no competition. Just a world of opportunity.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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