Practice your ABC's

Jul 27, 2009

Well, I am now officially a Blogger.  What a great opportunity for me to throw out those tips and techniques designed to help salespeople close more sales and Managers motivate their people.

Lets start with some questions.  The last time you met with a prospective buyer or attended a listing appointment did you ask your closing questions?    I'm finding out when I ask one of my coaching students that question I often get a 'deer in the headlights' response. Like,  Huh?  Or even worse..." I didn't have an opportunity to close."

My question is not, " did you close it?   It was "did you ask closing questions"?  If you didn't, you are losing business.  How sad considering it takes very little skill to do so and just a little more guts.  Maybe you don't know any closing questions.  Just in case, I am going to list a number of them so you can know your ABC's and insure you will Always Be Closing.

If we find you the right house today would you be ready to buy today?  Do you like this home enough to live in it?  Would there be any reason why you wouldn't be able to purchase today?  If you weren't able to decide today what would be the reason?  What would I have to show you today to convince you to list with me?  If we could agree on price today would you let me handle the listing today?  Would just the two of you be making the decisions today?  If I could overcome that concern today would you decide today?

If you are a student of mine you know there is magic in 3's.  So, pick any 3...use the production grow. Remember your ABC's.

Stay motivated,


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