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Have you ever bought a car?

buyers commission dialogue Mar 28, 2024

Imagine you’re sitting in the dealer’s showroom. You have just taken a test drive and that intoxicating new car smell is still lingering. The dealer’s representative has brought you your favorite beverage and proceeds to offer a dizzying list of options, add-ons, financing, and terms. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but you go ahead and buy anyway.

As you drive off the lot, bursting with pride of ownership, you suddenly remember what happens to the value of a new car. You think back over the negotiations and start to second-guess – Did I get a good deal? Why am I feeling manipulated and taken advantage of? I know I didn’t want the moon roof package, but it was only an extra $97 a month. Maybe I paid too much.


Get the picture?

Now imagine a different negotiation. This time, you are not alone with the salesperson, because you have brought your own representative – someone who has years of experience negotiating with car salespeople and saves you thousands of dollars – someone who is devoted to getting you the best car you can afford, at the best price and terms – someone who has thoroughly prepared you for the car buying experience – someone who has been, and will continue to be, your trusted advisor in all your transportation decisions.

No second thoughts now. No remorse. Aren’t you glad you had a pro in your corner?

Now imagine you are in the market for an asset that, unlike a car, will appreciate in value – an asset that could cost ten to twenty times the price of a car – an asset that will provide a home for your family, a place of safety and comfort, a place that you will fill with happy memories.

This decision will likely be one of the largest and most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. That’s right, you are buying real estate.

And let’s pretend there are basically two ways to go about this purchase. You can approach the dealer (the listing broker) either with or without your own representative.

What, you ask yourself, is the benefit of being represented in this transaction by a professional Realtor®? Someone with experience, expertise and education. Someone who is required by law to protect your rights and put your interests above theirs. Someone who will be absolutely diligent in the search.

Someone who will negotiate on your behalf and maintain strict confidentiality. Someone who has the tools and systems to navigate through all the steps to get us from contract to closing. Someone who subscribes to a Code of Ethics and abides by a set of Core Values.

Someone whose business depends on their reputation for fairness, loyalty, and fidelity. And someone whose compensation is aligned with your interests.

That would be one choice.

Or you can approach the listing broker directly, who represents the Seller, without your own representative, and hope that they will act in your best interest,


It’s a pretty obvious choice, isn’t it?



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